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Continuous Cooker 

Available in sizes ranging from less than 600 square feet to over 4,000 square feet, there is a good chance Alloy makes a Continuous Cooker to meet YOUR needs. Alloy offers both non-jacketed "U" tub Style Cookers as well as traditional Jacketed Round Cookers. Alloy produces its Continuous Cooking product line in both Heavy Carbon and Stainless Steel. Alloy can meet nearly any cooking need.

Features:                                        Advantages:
ASME Construction                            Continuous Process
Heaviest Construction Available           Reduced Connected Horsepower
Carbon or Stainless Shell (Stator)        Reduced Labor Costs
Carbon or Stainless Rotor                   Reduced Environmental Impact


Nominal Square Ft  Nominal Square Meters
600 56
900 84
1200 111
1500 139
1800 167
2000 186
2500 232
2600 242
3000 279
3200 298


Continuous Hydrolyzer 

Continuous Process
Reduced Connected Horsepower
Reduced Labor Costs
Reduced Environmental Impact

10,000 Pounds per Hour
20,000 Pounds per Hour

Continuous Shell 

Steam jacketed or non-jacketed, carbon or stainless steel, diameters to 10 feet and lengths exceeding 40 feet:
Alloy produces a cooker shell to meet your needs. Alloy knows quality. Alloy is an A.S.M.E. (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) shop. All pressure vessels produced at Alloy exceed the requirements of ASME assuring you will receive a product free of defects in workmanship and materials that will operate trouble free for years to come.

Continuous Reshell 

Alloy reshells continuous cookers with materials that are thicker than original equipment, adding years to their useful life.

Continuous Rotor 

From 300 square feet to over 3,200 square feet of heat transfer area, carbon or stainless steel, and new or reshelled, Alloy Rotors have you covered.

Infeed Conveyor 
The Alloy continuous infeed conveyor is built extra heavy to take the abuse with thicker materials and water tight design and construction. Alloy infeed screws are "render-designed", soundly engineered, and built to effect fast, efficient, automated feed of meat and poultry by-products.
Continuous Drainer 

Available in both carbon and stainless steel and with or without the sedimenter and auger, the Alloy Continuous Drainer Screener is the best value in the industry. The Alloy Drainer offers several enhancements to the Dupps Drainer or Dupps Drainer including the Ez change screen feature and a hanger bearing to reduce screen wear. Units are generally in stock.

Continuous Knockout 

Increase process capacity and efficiency as well as reduce product carry-over with the Alloy primary knockout. This continuous knockout offers the "one -two punch" needed to keep you competitive.

Site Glass 

Alloy manufactures the Site Glass in two configurations; Slave Driven and Independent Driven. Both versions feature heavier tubular housings and heavier augers when compared to the Dupps Site Glass.

Site Mailing List 
Evolving to meet YOUR needs......

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Phone: 1.952.492.5569  1.800.328.8408
FAX: 1.952.492.3100
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