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 Heating and Cooling 

Alloy manufactures Cyclones and Impingement Tanks to meet a broad variety of process issues. Available in Carbon Steel or Stainless and dimensions from less than 5 cubic feet to over 600 cubic feet. In addition Alloy supplies complete heat recovery system incorporating stainless steel ducting, shell and tube heat exchangers, vacuum fans as well as installation.


Carbon or stainless steel, light wall spiral to heavy wall pipe, Alloy can provide the ducting required to connect your vapor or gas system to process.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

From the manufacture of new heat exchangers to the salvage and rework of existing units, Alloy works with a network of manufacturers and used equipment suppliers to find you a cost effective solution to your heat exchanger needs. Alloy has supplied shell and tube condensers or shell and tube heat exchangers to customers across North America.

Air Heat Exchangers

From the manufacture of new heat exchangers to the salvage and rework of existing units, Alloy works with a network of suppliers to find you a cost effective solution to you heat exchanger needs. The air cooled condenser (air heat exchanger) shown was supplied by Alloy to a customer in central Mexico.

Barometric Condenser
Barometric Condenser
One of the simplest and most reliable types of condensers available, the barometric condenser reduces cooking times, condenses vapors, and concentrates odors when used with cookers, hydrolizers, and dryers. It has no moving parts and only the spray nozzle as a wear part, so with minimum maintenance, the barometric condenser will save you money for years to come.
Contact Condenser

These simple devices still have a place in process industries. These units are also often referred to as Barometric Condensers. Of course Alloy also manufactures the Hotwells typically used in connection with these simple heat exchangers.

Alloy hotwells are built from heavy material and engineered for safety and longevity. Its flanged inlets and outlets allow for ease of plumbing connection. Alloy hotwells provide a "vacuum break" to protect the ducting from collapse by drawing water up into the process didscharge pipe should the system vacuum exceed a safe level relatvie to the strength of the ducting used in the system.
Vacuum Blowers and Fans

Alloy manufactures Vacuum Blowers and Vacuum Fans and works with other national suppliers to augment our product line. Alloy fans and blowers are often used as non condensable blowers or non condensable fans.

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