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 Remanufactured Continuous Cooker 
The photograph above is an example of the quality remanufacturing service that Alloy offers for continuous cookers. It is an Alloy 3000 square foot continuous cooker, completely remanufactured, that has been reshelled in our ASME code welding shop. The rotor ran only a few months prior to plant shutdown and has been reworked. The boil off capacity of this cooker is approximately 22,500 pounds per hour. The unit is complete and the entire system is available. Please call for full details.
External Shells

External shells are ultrasonic tested for thickness. Any areas that are thin or do not meet code requirements are replaced.

Alloy has shells for the following cookers in stock:

  • 1200 / 1200 Super
  • 1500 / 1500 Super
  • 1800 / 1800 Super
  • 2600
  • 3000
Internal Shell
Alloy reshells continuous cookers with materials thicker than offered by other OEM's, adding yeas to their useful life at a nominal investment. In the photographed case above, a 1-1/8" liner  was replaced with a 1.25" liner, adding approximately 2 years to the life of the vessel.
Rotor rebuilds can include repairs to the stubs, satellite tubes, super satellite tubes, joiner plates, and even the condensate scroll. Of course all work is ASME certified to assure quality.
Alloy offers a complete line of components for continuous cooker bearings, from housings to inserts, seals to cover plates.

Alloy stocks both new and rebuilt couplings for the following cookers:

  • 1200 Class
  • 1500 Class
  • 1800 Class
  • 2000 Class
  • 2600 Class
Vapor Bonnets
Vapor Bonnets reduce steam consumption, reduce product carry over, and increase capacity. During a repair or reshelling Alloy can add a vapor bonnet to shells that were not manufactured to use them.
Control Wheels and Screws


Control wheel housings, wheels, drives, bearings and shafts are all available from Alloy. All Alloy control wheels have stainless steel buckets and Alloy offers the housings and complete units in stainless steel as well.

Looking for a better solution to discharge of your cooker?
Would you like more homogeneous discharge?
Would you like better "dip down" capability
Would you like the option of having your drainer remotely located?

The Control Screw may be your answer.


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